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Our Journey

Find out where Resesh began, our discovery of key ingredients, and how the company was built.

01 Osaka, Japan

Our Resesh journey began with a trip to Osaka, Japan to discover the very popular 'hangover prevention' drinks sold in many 7/11 stores. These drinks were the reason many locals could go about their day-to-day routine after a night partying, feeling refreshed and headache-free the morning after! We found that the active ingredient was Curcumin. Our team were amazed at just how effective and affordable these drinks were. We just knew that we needed to produce a similar product to offer to party-goers in the UK.

02 Researching

We started sampling similar products already on the market, as well as researching different theories and studies from academic papers to discover proven key ingredients needed. 

Along with our star ingredient Curcumin , we also stumbled along many Finnish studies praising the effects of L-Cysteine in significantly reducing the symptoms of a hangover. Piperine found in Black Pepper was our next big find. We researched and found that Piperine allows the liver to absorb increased levels of Curcumin. Niacin (Vitamin B3) was shown to help with the breakdown of alcohol while sleeping, whilst also helping skin to naturally glow.

03 Sampling

Our research proceeded to sampling products of our competitors. We wanted to test which ingredients continued to prove their effectiveness when consumed in different forms, e.g. as capsules, drinks or as sachets, and at which quantities.

We found that consuming Curcumin or L-Cysteine individualy did not allow for the freshest morning after a night of drinking, compared with when they are combined together.

04 Building our formula

We gathered that HPMC capsules would be the best choice to contain our formula due to the vegetarian and rapid dissolving properties. 

Respected quantities were chosen as research showed that products containing less than 555mg of Curcumin and 1200mg of L-Cysteine were not as effective at preventing hangovers. In order to consume these quantities we have split our product into 3 capsules per night. Quantities of Black Pepper and Vitamin B3 were also selected to allow for optimal results of preventing a hangover, whilst also complying with daily intake recommendations. 

05 Surveying

Our survey measured the following...

  • How effective was Resesh Hangover at reducing the symptoms of a hangover?

  • Were the capsules successful at allowing you to wake feeling refreshed to go about your day?

  • How likely are you to recommend Resesh Hangover to a friend?


In all areas our results showed that over 98% of our subjects had significantly reduced or non-existent hangover symptoms after a night of drinking! All test subjects would recommend Resesh Hangover to a friend, and over 97% woke feeling fresher in the morning compared to a sesh without Resesh.

06 Forming Resesh

Knowing that our product works we finally started building our Resesh empire! Focusing on bringing the party to a business we strived to create a fun brand to appeal to everyone who likes a good time.

Our Resesh Team belief is that no day should be wasted, even after an epic night out! Try our product today to see the difference. Resesh, wake fresh.

^ come vibe with us!